Friday, November 2, 2012

Korean Steak on flat bread


This is one of my favorites of the new recipes that we have designed !

In this case we are using a Korean Bul Koge marinade and the beef steak is choice rib eye.The meat sliced about 1/4 X 1/" thick slices. Then into  is marinated overnight or for several hours. You can use any marinade you like, salt, celery powder and black pepper and a little virgin olive oil is a great marinade for beef. 

These are just basic ingredients, you could add different or make changes according to what you like. In this case we have the marinated rib eye, thin slice  onions, Portobello mushrooms, shredded lettuce and american Swiss cheese. And this is what  you get . . . . . .

Get it together . . . . . . . . 

I love using this Lodge cast iron grill, griddle. One side has the ridges and the other side is flat. Make your flat bread using most any bread recipe, these are about 3 oz. each, roll them very flat.Heat the ridged side of the griddle, brush the bread with a little olive oil and grill them a couple minutes on each side. Cook all of the bread, set it aside.

Turn the griddle over and heat to med high.  If you don't have the reversible griddle
any cast skillet will work.  I find it best to use either this or a pancake skillet . . . . 

Coat the griddle with a little oil, add meat onions and mushrooms. 

Put the bread on the lightly oiled griddle briefly
 flip over and place the cheese on the top.
Saute' and mix the meat, onion and mushrooms.
When the cheese just starts to melt, add the meat mixture, remove from griddle, top with shredded lettuce, peppers, and sesame mayo.



1 oz. soy sauce
1 oz. water
1 T   olive oil
2 T   green onion, sliced thin
1/4 t black pepper
1/4 t toasted sesame seed
Mix well into the beef strips, rest overnight or several hours.

For the filling

12-14 oz.  rib eye steak, sliced in 1/4 x 1/4" strips
10-12 oz.  onion, sliced thin
5-6     oz.  fresh mushrooms, sliced thin
16 slices   cheese of your choice or you can use grated cheese
xxxx           green, red,hot or not peppers sliced thin
2-3 cups   shredded lettuce
1   cup      sesame mayo or other sauce ***

8 grilled flat breads about 8-9" long and 4-5 inches wide

Heat the flat griddle or skillet to medium. Brush bread with a little oil, place on grill for a minute, flip and add cheese.
Place meat, mushrooms, onions or other veggies on the griddle with a little oil, spritz with water to get the cooking going. Toss the mix and cook until meat is just done. Scoop up the filling place it on top
of the cheese on the bread. Remove from skillet, top with shredded lettuce, mayo and sliced peppers.

*** Sesame mayo - simply mix enough toasted sesame seed and hot pressed sesame oil into
regular mayo to taste - it does not take much. Mix well. Keeps in the fridge for a couple weeks
or more.


  1. This looks good and I think Bill and I can do this!

  2. It's pretty easy, the bread is really simple but delicious with the other fillings, try different filling also. We have done shrimp and chicken as well. You can also use different veggies.

  3. I am assuming this first comment is Cynthia.


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