Friday, November 2, 2012


Perfect to work on a new sandwich for our business.  Let's look at a
with sauteed baby Portobella mushrooms & onions topped with hot pepper cheese.
Served on a fresh home made flat bread.
First we purchased a full sirloin tip roast. Top round is OK, but
I prefer the tip. We rub the roast with a mix of black pepper, ground celery
seed, sea salt and parsley. The roast is tied with string,
mounted on the rotisserie and roasted low to an internal temp of 140 degrees.

The beef is then cooled overnight to firm and sliced thin.
Next slice the onions and mushrooms, make them very thin.
If you are making the flat bread, we use a dough ball of
about 4 oz. for each one. Roll out about 5" wide X 8-9" long.
Bake in a very hot oven on a baking stone. Turning once.
Only takes a few minutes to get it done.

Next you will need a cast skillet or griddle, spray with a little
olive oil. Place about and ounce or two of onions and the
same for the mushrooms. Saute and sweat them on med hig
 heat for about one minute,

 Add the curds and the beef. Saute until the meat has lost
its red color. Add seasonings to your taste, toss a few times to
melt the curds, place on the flat bread.

You can either cut this like a pizza or roll it like a gyro. 

This came out really great, we will be adding it to our menu.

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