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TAKOYAKI - Korean Style
As I understand it, all of these types of pancake things originated with the Vikings. There love for pancakes they call Aebleskivers caused them to cook these pancakes in the dents in their shields and helmets. They took this kind of stuffed pancake balls and spread them around the world. The Japanese call them takoyaki. Traditionally they are stuffed with octopus and seasonings. Here since Tae is Korean, (who have their own version stuffed with walnuts and brown sugar) we will have a little Korean twist on these little gems.

First, what you will need . . . . 

Either a takoyaki pan or Aebleskiver pan.
We prefer the larger mold of the Aebleskiver pan.
A basting brush, a knitting needle, spoon, mixing bowl, measuring instruments.
 Ingredients include either AP flour or cake flour, lard or other hard fat, baking powder, egg, water, pork, shrimp, scallion, kimchi, mushroom, sesame seed, recipe will follow.

Dice the meat and veg in very small pieces. In a skillet heat a little oil and saute' all ingredients until just done. Remove from heat to cool.

Mix flour, salt, water and spices in a mixing bowl.
You may add all the ingredients in the batter, or put
them in after you pour the batter, your choice.

Pre-heat your pan to med high, adding 1/2 tsp of oil to the cavities.
When pan is hot, pour in the batter to just the top rim of the mold.
Add the meats and veg at this time if you like or put them in the
batter when you mix it.
In about 30 seconds it should be ready to turn. Insert a skewer or a 
knitting needle into the center of the ball and rotate it half way around.

In another 30 seconds or so rotate the ball about one quarter of
the way around. In another 30 seconds or so, insert the needle into
the far/opposite side of the ball and turn the open section of the ball
completely to the bottom, sealing the ball. Continue cooking and turn
a few times until the needle when inserted comes out clean.

This is the finished product cooked in the larger
Aebleskiver pan.

You can use most anything to dip these into. We like
a traditional Korean sauce, Soy, cayenne pepper flakes,
a little sugar and vinegar to taste.

Experiment, they can be filled with most anything . . . . . .

1 1/3  cups              cake flour, AP flour, Soft Flour
1 1/2  tsp.                baking powder
1/2  scant                salt
1 1/2 tsp                  sugar
1 large                     egg
1 1/3 cups                water
1 tsp.                        toasted and crushed sesame seed

3-4                           large shrimp cooked and diced small
2 T                           scallions cooked diced small (raw is ok also)
2/3 oz.                      cooked lean pork diced small
3-4 oz.                      kimchi cooked or raw diced small
1-2 tsp                      cayenne pepper flakes (optional)
1-2 T                        canola or other tasteless oil

Mix all filling ingredients together. Your choice, either add them to the batter and pour and cook or you can add the filling after the molds have been filled. I find it for this type of filling it is much easier to add all the ingredients to the batter. The choice is yours.

HEAT  the pan to med high . . . place about 1/2 tsp, of lard or other hard fat into each mold. When the pan is hot, add the batter and follow the directions for cooking and turning.

The turning takes a little practice, you can make some batter without adding the filling and practice until you get it down. If you have any problems feel free to contact me.


  1. I just had takoyaki last night! Now I am going to have to try it with kimchi!

  2. I enjoyed your site. Any comments on mine are welcome. I just started this blog, just for fun.


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